Hundreds of years ago calzones were only made in Naples, where the best bread and pizza in all of Italy was found. Today, you can find that same quality at Stefano’s, where our calzones are filled with creamy ricotta and smooth mozzarella cheeses, delicious meats and pungent garlic and spices. We fold the pizza dough over the filling, shape it and bake until golden brown. This contrast of melted filling and crispy crust gives Stefano’s calzones their authentic, traditional Old World Flavor. That’s why Stefano’s is the #1 brand of refrigerated Calzones!

Frozen Calzones

Six ounce calzones are individually packed in eye catching consumer cartons for frozen display. A wide...

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Mini Calzones

Unique appetizers, Mini Calzones are available in Ham & Cheddar and Pepperoni & Cheese...

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Deli Calzones

Stefano’s developed the 8 ounce Calzone for Supermarket Deli merchandising. Restaurant-quality...

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C-Store/Vending Calzones

Calzones represent a quick and convenient item for On-The-Go consumption. Stefano’s offers 6 ounce...

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